Monday, 2 October 2017

Canadian Freight Xpress |CFX

Canadian Freight Xpress Inc. is a Toronto based transport company specializing in hauling services, moving freight within Canada and USA.They have captured the world of trucking with grip and grit. They have set a standard in trucking in terms of on-time delivery and utmost customer satisfaction.  The operating efficiency that CFX has shown has set a precedent in the trucking industry. CFXpess has maintained this high level of efficiency as they hire only drivers with experience of 3 years or over. This insures that the team is well versed in the industry practices and therefore gives them edge over the others. CFXpress provides a platform for the experienced minds to explore the unexplored.
Canadian Freight Xpress is always on the lookout for young minds that can be molded into industry leaders of tomorrow. You can apply at cfxpress's career portal to join cfxpress team.

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